Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Road to Paradise...Is Filled with Potholes…Chapter I

We couldn’t wait for the long Fourth of July weekend to get up to our own little version of Paradise – my family cottage on an island on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. I had Thursday off from work, so I could pack the family up and head up before all the festivities (and traffic) started. Michael opted to stay home and enjoy a little solitude – and to work on his never ending wall. Christopher decided he’d keep Dad company (and be close to his friends – he’s truly a teenager).

By the time I had everyone else packed and the bags loaded in the car, it was noon. We piled into the car and I give Michael one last phone call to let him know we were heading out. He informed me that he had just had an accident at work – fell off a wall and a piece of wood had come down after him and landed on his back. He was debating on whether or not he had to head to the ER. I am not about to leave for NH until I know if he is okay, so already looks like there’s a kink in my master plan.. After some discussion, he decides he’s going to make a go of it – and I’m told it’s safe to hit the road (with just a little apprehension on my side – I so need to get away).

I think we timed it just right – traffic was light for the start of a holiday weekend and we made it up in time to a little outlet shopping before hitting town and having Dad come pick us up in the boat (it’s the only way to get to the cottage) to begin our 4 days of rest and relaxation…

As I’m walking up the steps to camp, I notice bedspreads and sheets hanging all over the place – Someone was on a cleaning frenzy! And the fun begins…

My sister, Pam, had arrived with her family a day earlier – she awoke from her first night’s stay (she slept in “my” bed – we’ve each had our assigned rooms since we were kids) with some kind of bites on her neck – she pulled back the sheets to find some kind of bugs in the bed – Bed bugs?! She smushed a few as evidence and headed down to my Mom. After some web searching, it turns out they were Bat Bugs – no one had ever heard of such a thing, although bats have been long time residents in several cottages on the island. So – how the heck did they get in the bed? Move some furniture around and - Just Ducky - there’s a dead bat under the bed! Once the bat died, the darn little buggers must have gone on a search for a new host and ended up in the bed! Well, every bed in every room (4 bedrooms, 7 beds) had to be stripped and washed, and the entire upstairs had to be closed off and “bombed”.

At least I timed my arrival just right to miss this excitement – all we’d have to do now is clean up, make the beds, and start relaxing - and most liking toss and turn as we climb into bed each night for the rest of the weekend!

Thanks Pam for taking one for the team! I appreciate it!

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