Friday, July 4, 2008

The Road to Paradise...Is Filled with Potholes…Chapter II

I was up quite a bit during the night, as my adorable nephew John (my cousin’s son, 6 years old) had a tough time sleeping in a new place without his Mom (he came up with my sister Pam). Since his room is right next to mine, I had the honors of consoling him each time he woke up – “I don’t know where I am…I can’t see anything, it’s too dark…” Can’t get mad at a kid as cute as him, but it looks like I might be in for a nap before the weekend is over! And I begin to understand why my sister and her husband like to sleep in the bunkhouse out back!

And so a new day begins… I am pleased to announce that no one woke up this morning with Bat Bug bites! We find happiness in the little things! It’s finally time to put this chapter behind us, start relaxing (didn’t I say that yesterday?) and start having fun!

Now where to begin? Samantha (Pam’s daughter, 18 years old) hadn’t been feeling well since she arrived. Upon waking up and complaining of a sore throat, I make her the “open your mouth, and say Aaaah” thing. Lovely little swollen glands with all the signs of strep (I won’t go into the gory details, but you have kids that have ever had strep, you know what I mean). Everyone sitting in her vicinity starts backing away for fear that they’ll end up with it too, and my sister Pam takes this opportunity to tell her that it’s probably a result of her getting her belly button secretly pierced (the day after she turned 18)! Even if they’re sick, you got to take advantage of any chance to teach them a lesson! But it will still be off the ER for Pete (her Dad) and Samantha for antibiotics…

I walk into the other room to find Paul sitting on one couch, scratching all around his belly – Lord now what? A quick check and he has some kind of rash all around his belt line. A layer of Sarna Lotion applied, and hopefully he’s good as new.

But wait, there’s little John on the other couch, complaining of a stomach and headache. Grab a thermometer, and watch it go up – a temperature of 101.2. Time for a call to his Mom – Someone’s going to have to pick up a sick kid! But wait! Pete's already headed out in the boat with Samantha - there's no way to get John to shore! Looks like he's here for a while - so it's dose of Tylenol for him until we can make other plans.

Pam and I have already prepped the ingredients for Watermelon martinis. And we haven’t even had breakfast yet! Forget the long weekend, how much longer until I can go back to work?!


jterran said...
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JoeT said...

Only this blog will lead me to new discoveries, such as bat bugs. Fascinating!

bethk said...


Seeing pictures of the cottage brought back so many fond memories! It's a trip to see the next generation of kids all doing the things we used to do! I'm loving your blog.. you haven't changed a bit! Love you and miss you! Beth