Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have Stove, Will Bake...

We typically go to my sister's house for a big, family Thanksgiving dinner. About 5 years ago my husband convinced me to give dinner a try at home, with just the immediate family. Well, the WHOLE family ended up with a horrible throwing up bug, so the turkey never even got into the oven and I swore that Thanksgiving would be at my sister's from there on out.

So, here we are. I gave into Michael again this year, and agreed to once again attempt Thanksgiving at the Bilbo's.

So, wouldn't you know it? A week and a half before Thanksgiving, my oven decides to die. Don't know what the heck happened, Meredith & I were making cookies, and when after waiting the 12 minutes for them to cook, I peeked into the oven and they were still cookie dough. Because the oven was 17 years old, we decided it wasn't worth having someone come to look at it - we'd invest in a new one instead.

After shopping around, I found the exact stove I wanted and proceeded to find out that it was not in stock in any local stores, so we'd have to order it online. Not a problem, still plenty of time to get it delivered...or so I thought. We ended up with a delivery date of the day before Thanksgiving - cutting it mighty close, but I can do it!

So, my stove gets delivered at 11am on the day before Thanksgiving. I go to the store to get the connector hose needed to install it (forgot to order it when I bought the stove), then anxiously await Michael's arrival home from work. Number 1 on the Honey Do list is the stove, so he gets to work immediately. After about 20 minutes of prep, he realizes the connector hose is too short - so back to the store we go only to find out that by Massachusetts law they are unable to sell any longer hoses. Ducky! Less than 24 hours before Thanksgiving and I still haven't starting cooking a thing!

So, at about 5pm Michael and Paul end up getting into the truck for a road trip to New Hampshire to buy a longer hose. Thank goodness for 'lawless' NH! :)

We finally got the stove installed and working at about 7:30 pm and the girls and I started a mad baking session! Woo hoo! Thanksgiving dinner here we come!

P.S. We're now going to have to switch the whole kitchen over to Stainless! I love it!!

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