Monday, November 24, 2008

No More Kisses?!

I am distraught...

I dropped the little ones at school this morning, just as I do everyday. I pulled up to the beginning of the driveway where the kids line up by class to enter to school together. Paul and Meredith both jumped from their seats and gave me my usual kiss goodbye...Meredith opened the door and hopped from the car, but Paul had a moment and rushed to the back of the van, hiding himself...I wasn't sure what was wrong, but he stuck his head out from behind the seat, and I could tell he was crying - "Mom are the front windows see through?!", he took me a minute, but I came to realize he was horrified that he had been seen kissing me goodbye by some of his friends!

No matter what I said, he couldn't be consoled. And I need consoling too! The mere thought of my baby not kissing me anymore is very hard to swallow. After a few minutes, he decided to sneak out the opposite door and run around the crowd to avoid those that may have witnessed his 'dirty deed'. And I drove away from the school, my heart melting for my growing boy.

I only hope that tomorrow morning all is forgotten and I get another kiss...But just in case, I think I'll ask for a few extra at bedtime tonight.

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